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Old Faithful Geyser 

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Happy Travels!

Enjoy a few images of our adventures, TRAVEL tab above. We hope you are inspired to get out there and see the country and the world, too, and record your impressions. 

A few Pro Photo Tips: 

Think then Click. We're never done practicing photography, keep going! Pay attention as you frame an image, then press the button.


Begin with "Program" Mode, review the image/s and auto settings for aperture and f-stop. Then experiment with other camera modes, "shutter priority", "aperture priority", "manual" (you set both aperture and f-stop). 

Experiment with different lighting situations, subjects, still and fast moving. See how each is affected. Learn which mode to use to achieve the image results you seek. We're never done learning, no subject is ever the same twice.

Someone said,"If you can print what you where thinking when you made the photograph, then you're a photographer." (You're a professional photographer when you earn the majority of your income at it :)



Photography Background

I've loved taking pictures since I took my first photography class in junior high school. From meeting my commercial pilot husband at a small airport fly club, through study at the International Center of Photography in NYC, lead me to own and operate for 32 years  Focal Plane Photography, LLC, specializing in aerial photography. 

Inspired by my love for aviation, my home city of CLE, and our travels, most of my career was spent defying gravity (single-engine airplane flown by Mark) seeing landscapes from above. Now the challenge at ground level is to find the extraordinary in the 'ordinary'. 

Everywhere there are "decisive moments*" to capture (*Henri Cartier-Bresson). Thanks for visiting!

Visual Communication

It's true, an image can speak a thousand words, yet we've titled some photos anyway! (for orientation and occasional humor:) 

 Some images are part of the narrative, a select few are prized, all have been edited from many more. 

Sharing the View

If you have an interest in image purchase, yes, we still sell prints. Send an email and we can chat about options and prices. 

Thank you.

Yvonne & Mark

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